Wholesome Empowerment is Key

Mia von Loga is the founder, heart and soul of BeyondDefence - A holistic approach to SelfDefence.

Mia has not only been exploring various martial art forms and self defence tools. As a personal development coach, she has been actively supporting and empowering women, and also helped women overcome traumatic life experiences. 

She aims to prepare women for real life and undertakes a thorough proof test before including anything into her programme.

Her personal practice of high energy combat forms, mindfulness and yoga inspired the concept of BeyondDefence and has already changed the life of many women.


  • ​Certified Basic Instructor, SAFE International

  • Trainee Instructor, Krav Maga Hamburg

  • Certified Personal Development Coach with focus on 

       Emotional Intelligence and Personality Traits

  • Graduate Degree in Educational Science and Psychology

  • UEFA B-Level Football Coach (a lot of mindset work!!)




SAFE International

I had the privilege to meet and work with Mia while teaching violence prevention in Germany.  Mia is a survivor who took her pain and manifested it into passion, driven by empathy and shares her personal experience, research and training with women world wide.

Mia's character traits are what marks the qualities of a superior educator regardless of what the subject matter may be.

She is truly both a rare kind of human being as well as teacher.


Krav Maga Hamburg

Mia ist ein sehr offene und vielseitige Schülerin.


Sie ist eine der Wenigen, die weiß worum es in der

Selbstverteidigung wirklich geht und durch ihre große Empathie und ihrer eigenen Biografie hat sie alles um sich selbst zu begegnen.


Um daraus heraus eine eigene Stärke zu entwickeln andere zu unterrichten und zu helfen...


Ich bin so stolz auf Dich und den Weg den du gehen wirst...