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March 09, 2020

In this wonderful Podcast hosted by love, sex and relationship coach Amanda Testa, in which we explore various topics: 

Mia's story around Self Defense, and how it changed her life.

How to create a powerful, confident personal space. 

Why women feel unsafe in their bodies, and how to bring safety back.

How intergenerational trauma affects our sense of safety.

The power of strength, and the power of vulnerability.

How to approach self defense if you feel scared or intimidated.

Some simple yet effective self defense strategies. 

Understanding that with holistic self defense, you’re not saying no to someone else, you are saying yes to yourself. 

How to cultivate Inner growth, presence, and reprograming with the skill and tools of self defense. 

and much more.


December 7th, 2019

A snippet of Mia at this annual Women Summit in México speaking about how learning SelfDefence turned into SelfCare and beyond

  • SelfDefence is nourishment

  • BeyondDefence was created on The Yin and the Yang

  • Exploring how you are connected to all women before you

  • Experiencing how powerful you are

  • Filling your heart and being with love​



September 17th, 2019

Episode #247


Mia von Loga is the person who can illustrate why spiritual awakening and uncompromised aggression are not mutually exclusive and how embracing your inner opposing forces can help you succeed in life and business. As the founder of BeyondDefence, she teaches people with a unique concept, how to combine effective self-defence with wholesome self-care.

In this episode, we talk about: 

  • Beyond Self-Care: How to transform your life outside and inside.

  • The 4 Layers of Beyond-Defence and how to use them in your life to face every challenge

  • The missing pieces that personal development does not teach you to a liberated life 

You are invited to watch this episode or listen to it if you prefer.


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