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Yes, we still are a
Self Defence School!

Only Better!

How we started... and where we are now!

We started as a simply with Self Defence ... and evolved all around the human as a spiritual being. 

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In the beginning it was simply the wish to teach women what I had learnt and experienced: the power of Krav Maga self defence tools. The physical power to protect myself changed my life.


Yet Quickly I realised that the mindset training is an essential key to make sure we can apply under and withstand high stress situations.


With a background of a personal development coach with the expertise on emotional intelligence, emotional management was soon another layer of my teachings.


One piece after the other showed up to be integrated and the simple school of tools turned into a home for women to grow, love and protect themselves.

So wether you are looking for effective self defence alone or to protect, embrace and unfold the modern unbreakable and wild woman you are - spiritual and in human skin - with our approach of


The Art to Care

Based on our Philosophy of

Self Protection 

Self Love 

  Self Growth    




    utilised with our methodology of      


 Body Empowerment

Emotional Freedom

Powerful Mindset

Spiritual Quality

We got you covered, sister!

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Your Focus. Your Pace. Your Home.





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Self Protection

Self Love

Self Growth 

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