5 Essential Tips to increase Personal Safety for Beginners

1.Increase your Awareness

Be present and scan your environment. Use your senses to catch if something is off. If you can avoid to get into a potential situation, even if it means it needs that extra 5 minutes before you get home (waiting for the next bus, crossing the street, going down the longer route).

2. Focus on the weak points of the body

E.g. the eyes, throat, fingers, groin are primary targets as

1) they cannot be conditioned against pain

2) it doesn’t need necessarily a technique to inflict damage or that pain

3. Practice to create a strong mindset

Form willpower.

You could start with marking one thing on your daily agenda that you will achieve that day, no matter what.

Another way could be to challenge yourself - for an improved performance on something you do often, whatever you understand by "improved".

(Don't punish yourself, don't be hard on yourself, make it just something pushing you slightly out of your comfort zone to begin with).

4. Build Inner Strength

Mediations and affirmations are a great way to start this.

5. Have a Plan (Home Safety)

Think about what you could do if someone was to come into your house. You might want to pack essential things into a bag and place it to the potential exit. Being aware of where in your house are common objects you could use as potential weapons could help to defend yourself. Discuss a clear emergency strategy with your family, so everyone knows what to do while and after a potential incident.

Be safe. Be you.



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