What is the concept & philosophy of Beyond Defence?

Humans are complex beings, mulitlayered, individual and at the same time part of a group.

This sentence alone could give you ideas of why we believe the process of self defence must be wholesome to be powerful.

Your personal life is influenced and triggered by many factors, such as age, health, ethnity, personal development, gender, culture, social status etc. - all this gathered together in your personal experiences.

And personal experiences are the clue why self protection is always individual.

Experiences mainly manifest through emotions, which then form beliefs and self-perception. Through education we deepen or loosen (which is unlike eleminating or changing) the manifestation. To put this into context of a threatening situation, let us come straight to the point:

At the end of the day, self defence is simply a human instinct and not a Martial Art.

This is why ByD is created as powerful concept to make sure you can get the optimal state and skills to be prepared according to your situation and story.

It doesn’t need years of training, you will instantly be able to apply them and you wont forget these teachings once you learned them!

Simple and fast YET effective and rock solid.

Stay tuned to read about the different elements over the coming weeks, each one by one in spotlight.

I am the living example, and you can read my personal story and the birth moment of Beyond Defence here

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