Saying Yes to Myself

Updated: Jun 6, 2020

Pure Love Through Empowerment

    When I talk about Self Defence I get all kind of reactions on it. Some folks make fun with gestures of backing off or comments like "I rather don't mess with you then!", that is mostly guys to be fair. Many see it as something "really good to do" and others don't care at all as it is a subject that never occurred to them. Not once have I had the reaction of something broader, something I have now found in it: the expansion of Self Care.

    Yes, being able to hit and kick with the intention and ability to damage someone is badass, I agree. The ability to hit and kick with the intention to damage someone to protect  - to take care of - yourself is broader, it is LOVE. SelfLove. 

And obviously even more badass *lol*.

    I started to learn Krav Maga as it was because of a deep desire that had long lasted up to that day. From my 20's on, I had been thinking of learning how to defend myself. There were sadly enough too many reasons, I had experienced physical abuse in my childhood, my teenagehood and as a young woman. And I had a lot of emotional difficulty dealing with it and a very confused mind about sexuality. Moreover, the relationship with my body was pretty fragile and extreme. When dancing or playing soccer, I felt free in my body, one flow and I liked to push myself to the extremes. To feel me.

    I was ashamed and insecure when it came to my body shape or sexuality in my teenagehood and later confused sex with love. These can be things we have to deal with when we experienced that our physical boundaries were not acknowledged. 

     The reason why I share this with you is that it is my personal journey, and not to take assault into focus. What I describe doesn't go for everyone and you must not have experienced harassment to benefit from taking your SelfCare to learn SelfDefence. And I very deeply wish you never need to, that is even more why I am encouraging you to read on. 


 We all go out at night sometimes in the dark, we meet strangers, find ourselves in a high leveled stress situation or emotional twist in our relationships, be it personal or formal/business. With all this, that, what I am going to write about, can support you and change your life to a more solid and safer place. You will encounter situations differently, self-confident, yet most of all self-aware. Strength and Love working and standing together.