What is the ByD Sisterhood?


What do we have in mind and in the heart, when we speak about Sisterhood at Beyond Defence and when we use the word Movement?

There are many things dear to our heart and philosophy when we talk about Sisterhood. As much as we see self defence as an individual journey, we know it is bringing together sisters from all over the world and generations that makes collective healing and the only change possible.

This is about the collective female change and power.

Let us start physiologically and take epigenetic into focus for a moment.

Every of our - your - human experiences is different. It depends on your culture, your gender, your ethnicity, your health conditions, your wealth situation - your family to begin with. Something which occurs to all of us is that before we receive human life in our mother, we are partly created in our grandmother as a cell.

Even scientific studies suggest it is possible that we inherit fragments of emotional experience of up to three generations before us. That would mean that trauma can get passed on biologically.