What is the ByD Sisterhood?


What do we have in mind and in the heart, when we speak about Sisterhood at Beyond Defence and when we use the word Movement?

There are many things dear to our heart and philosophy when we talk about Sisterhood. As much as we see self defence as an individual journey, we know it is bringing together sisters from all over the world and generations that makes collective healing and the only change possible.

This is about the collective female change and power.

Let us start physiologically and take epigenetic into focus for a moment.

Every of our - your - human experiences is different. It depends on your culture, your gender, your ethnicity, your health conditions, your wealth situation - your family to begin with. Something which occurs to all of us is that before we receive human life in our mother, we are partly created in our grandmother as a cell.

Even scientific studies suggest it is possible that we inherit fragments of emotional experience of up to three generations before us. That would mean that trauma can get passed on biologically.

Moreover, as women we are part of historical collective female trauma. Despite any national origin. Epi-genetical influences and changes are part of our wholesome existence and subconsciousness.

This is part of sisterhood looking back.

Open for tuning into what I mean?

Let us do a little journey together. Find yourself in a steady stance (or if you sit, feel the connection to the earth). Breathe in deeply and exhale slowly. Repeat this for a few breaths. Once you feel ready and your mind has calmed down and opened up, do the following.

Imagine and connect with all women

there were

and there are to come.

Take a step to meet all women 50 years ago

Another step for women 100 years ago...

How do they look like?

What is their role?

How are they treated?

What do they feel?

Investigate, what do you feel? What is your first impulse?

We are standing in the footprints of all women before us.

Just like our future generations will do. Picture your granddaughters 10 years from now, and ask yourself the same questions.

YES, it is time for a change

It is our obligation amongst sisters, no matter what age, ethnical origin, culture or social status, to reach out and stand up for all of us individually and walk united as a movement.

  • Every woman who stands up for herself stands up for all womankind.

  • Every woman who learns self defence skills helps to bring into balance the physical advantages of men and women

  • Every woman who practices internal growth let’s womankind gain power and liberation

It is a NO to the abuse of power over us, and a YES to self worth!

This is part of sisterhood looking forward.

For every sister and for our daughters not because of fear or hate, because we strive for balance in human co-existence, where Women are unequal to Men in their beautiful nature, yet EQUTIY has risen!

Repeat after me:

I am every woman!

Yet I am not here to live my ancestors traumas

  • I am here to heal historical female trauma to be safe with liberating experiences, as a gift to myself and all future generations to come


  • Self-Defence and Inner Growth are my personal rights to take up space and taking back ownership of my life


Mia x

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