Warrioress Of Love

Embark on a journey of this transformational



 stepping into a land of self love, self protection and manifesting the guardian of your Female

mind, heart, spirit and body 

Week 1: Begin Where You Are

Knowing where you start is the first step to create the individual path to where you want to go. 


Week 2: Be.com.unity I

Strengthen your mind, body, heart and spirit and delve into your self love! 


Week 3: Womanhood in a Man’s World

About Violence, Roles & Self Defence Study & Essential Tools

Week 4: Be.com.unity II

Unite mind body heart and spirit and translate self love into self protection


Week 5: You are Unstoppable - Self Defence Strategies & Tools

We shift your from a fighter to warrior with the essential strategies and oversight. 


Week 6: Live your Warrioress of Love

Your embodiment of as a Warrioress has completed. This is a week of spiritual Sisterhood to reveal and ignite your purpose and gifts.

Your Life will never be the same!

Coming soon in February 2021!

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Warrior Of Love

You are the true spirit!

Heart with Wings